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When you think of a dealership-based automotive parts division, it’s easy to have a perception of what that might smell, feel, and look like. New Zealand-wide, dealership parts teams are there to service their workshops and local market for that particular manufacturer. However, every now and then you’ll get somewhere going against the grain — straying from the generic, mundane path and entering a specialist area that is only possible with a hefty amount of experience and passion. North Shore Toyota Parts entered that space around a decade ago, entering the performance parts realm with a couple of enthusiastic Japanese performance car enthusiasts heading the department at the time. With the Altezza and GT86 platform the main bread and butter at the time, the business has since grown considerably with the department now catering to every performance model in the market — if there are upgrades available, NSTParts – as it’s now named – can find it, source it, and even have that upgrade fitted at the new Northern Bays Motors workshop; GR Garage.

In the present day, NSTParts is now one of the largest performance parts retailers and distributors in New Zealand, stocking an incredibly wide range of automotive products no matter the make, or model. Beyond the performance bolt-on upgrade range, NSTParts have aspired to assist the trade in the procurement of materials for custom fabrication, wiring, fuel systems and so on. With the volume in which we’re operating and the drive to support the aftermarket performance industry here in New Zealand and abroad, the want and more importantly, the need for an online sales portal arose — enter the NSTParts.com era.


René Vermeer — Performance Parts Manager

Name: René Vermeer

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Performance Parts Manager of NSTParts

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts/GR Garage: One of the main things I enjoy about working at NSTParts is dealing with brands and Japanese businesses I used to idolise as a kid playing games such as Gran Turismo. Additionally, every day, we help people build and plan their dream project cars — it’s hugely satisfying.

How did you get into performance cars? I got into cars at a very young age. I still remember where I was when I first played Gran Turismo 1. After playing for several hours, I realised I had no memory card in, so had to start from scratch but it didn’t matter! From that day on, I have lived and breathed automotive car culture and have owned over 50 performance cars in my time. Now, alongside working at NSTParts, I am the Editor of NZ Performance Car Magazine and an automotive photographer.

Favourite race track and why? I really enjoy Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park. It’s such a big, challenging, and varying circuit — great for all makes and models! Plus, every time you go down it feels like a holiday.
What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Basically, everything you see on the Altezza has been sourced through work. I wanted to showcase what you can build with a budget, with parts purchased from work.

Year/make/model: 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
Engine: K20C, 2000cc four-cylinder
Interior: Factory
Exterior: Factory
Wheels/tyres: 18x9.5-inch (+38) Work ZR10/265/35R18 and 245/40R18 Hankook Z232 semi-slicks
Suspension/brakes: Eibach Pro Series springs
Driveline: Factory
Power: Factory
Fuel type: 98 octane
Tuner: Torque Performance Developments


Name: Keegan Goodall

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Toyota Parts Manager

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts/GR Garage: Working with like minded people who are all passionate about what they do and pushing each other to buy additional parts for our cars.

How did you get into performance cars? Use to do Go Karting when I was younger then stopped. Once I got a car I always liked to work on them and change things myself and learn.

Favourite race track and why? Hampton Downs, it's close to home and good layout.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Refer the car build list :P all through NST

Year/Make/Mode: 2000 Toyota Altezza (GXE10)
Model: 2JZ-GTE VVTi, 3000cc six-cylinder
Block Internal Spec: ACL Race main and big end bearings, ACL thrust washer
Cylinder Head Spec: ARP head studs
Intake system: A’PEXi air filter
Exhaust System: Three-inch exhaust
Turbo/Supercharger system: HKS SSQ3 BOV
Fuel System: DW300 in-tank fuel pump with custom hanger, Deautchwerks 3.5-litre surge tank with Deautchwerks DW350IL pump, Sard fuel rail, Xspurt 1000cc injectors, Turbosmart FPR800
Ignition System: PRP R35 coil kit
Cooling: JZX100 Koyo triple-pass alloy radiator, Sard low-temp thermostat, Plazmaman intercooler, GReddy thermostatic sandwhich plate, GReddy oil cooler
Electrical: Link FuryX ECU, LINK DASHPRO3
Engine Bay: GReddy pulley Kit, custom Benspoke catch can

Gearbox: Five-speed R154
Clutch: ORC single plate
Flywheel: ORC
Differential: Cusco Type-RS 1.5-way 8.0 inch (JZX100 diff and axles)

Shocks: Cusco street ZeroA, e-Ccon2 controller
Springs: (F) 18kg (R) 11kg
Arms/Knuckles: Cusco adjustable front upper arms, Hardrace adjustable rear toe, traction and lower arms

Bracing: Cusco Type-OS front strut brace, Cusco type-OS rear three-point strut brace, Cusco inner boot brace, Cusco BCS (brake cylinder stopper), Cusco front and rear sway bars, Cusco front and rear V2 lower arm bars, Cusco rear V1 lower arm bar, TRD steering rack, castor arm and diff bushes.

Front: NSTParts GR Yaris brake kit, Endless N35S pads and goodrige braided brake lines, custom brake ducting and Endless brake fluid
Rear: ZNoelli S6 slotted discs, Endless ME22 pads, goodridge braided brake line
Handbrake: Project Mu D1 spec shoes

Wheels and Tyres:
Track Wheels: 18x8.5-inch (+38) Mitsubishi Evo X
Tyres: Yokohama Advan A048
Road Wheels: (F) 17x8-inch (+32) (R):17x9-inch (+38) Work XT7

Panel & Paint: Factory
Bodykit: Factory Elegance front lip, Origin front bumper canards, Origin Labo Rear Carbon wing with custom brackets

Seats: TRD Bride fixed-back (Zetta III)
Steering wheel: Nardi Grinta
Gauges/meters: Powertune digital dash
Other: Cusco five-point bolt in cage

Power: 264.35 KW at the wheels
Torque: 488Nm
Boost: 13.7psi
Fuel type: 98 octane
Tuner: Brian at NDT developments


Glen — Online Sales Coordinator

Name: Glen McNamara

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Online Sales Coordinator

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts: Working with an amazing team of knowledgeable people, who are all car enthusiasts.

How did you get into performance cars? I have always been interested in cars since a young age. Started with racing car games on PlayStation 1

Favourite racetrack and why? Hampton Downs as there are so many technical and high-speed sections. I would love to drive some tracks in the South Island.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? All of my OEM Toyota and aftermarket parts.

Year/make/model: 1997 Toyota Sprinter Trueno BZ-G (AE111)

Engine: 4A-GE, 1600cc four-cylinder, 95mm MRP trumpets, Pipercross PX600 filter, Carbing cooling plate, TRD oil cap, Fujitsubo Super EX exhaust manifold, Fujitsubo Power Getter cat-back exhaust, Ogre Motorsport cat-delete pipe, MRP baffled sump, A'PEXi AFC controller. FENIX black alloy radiator.

Driveline: FACTORY

Interior: TOMEI gear knob, NARDI steering wheel, TRD cluster, BZ-R trim and seats.

Exterior: BZ-R front lip, side skirts, Touring car rear spoiler, carbon-wrapped bonnet, yellow-wrapped fog lights

Wheels/tyres: 16x7.5 +22 Work Emotion RS11, 205/45R16 Nankang NS20

Suspension/brakes: Dobinsons front lowering springs, JAMEX rear lowering springs. CUSCO front strut brace, Superpro front swaybar bushes, Whiteline rear swaybar, ZNoelli S6 front discs, HEL braided stainless brake lines

Power: 116kw (156hp) atw
Fuel type: 98 octane
Tuner: Jacky / JTune


Johnny — Senior Parts Interpreter

Name: Johnny Lam

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Senior Parts Interpreter

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts/GR Garage: Working with the team here and having easy access to all performance parts when I need them.

How did you get into performance cars? Always liked cars from a young age and grew from there.

Favourite race track and why? Hampton Downs. It's close to home and a good layout.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Turbosmart, Koyo, Plazmaman even the brand new genuine Nissan RB25DET gearbox!


Grant — Parts Interpreter

Name: Grant Paik

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Parts Interpreter

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts/GR Garage: Helping people fufill their needs.

How did you get into performance cars? I've always loved going fast as far as I can remember, go karts, rollercoasters, bikes, basically anything I could get my hands on. But when I went to my first JDM meet at 17, that helped ignite my passion for dreaming, building and driving cars beyond their factory capabilities.

Favourite race track and why? Mount Panorama Circuit, spent countless hours on the sim going round and round on that track to keep getting better and faster.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Everything Imaginable.


Name: Paul

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Internal Parts controller

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts: The vibe and humour keeps me coming back and the knowledge we share within the team is quite varied and you can generally find someone who knows the answer or is willing to assist in helping find the answers if not.

How did you get into performance cars? Born and raised with cars, racing and the auto trade — don’t really think I had much choice!

Favourite racetrack and why? Lime Rock. I love the level changes and flow. Maybe some day I will get to drive it in real life rather than Forza.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Most was before I worked here but as an idea, Cusco sway bars, diff, maintenance parts etc

Year/make/model: 1995 Toyota mark II Tourer V (JZX90 )
Engine: 1JZ-GTE, 2500cc six-cylinder, high-flowed turbos and Japanese-sourced downpipe, mild steel exhaust, 2JZ-GTE injectors, Tomei fuel pressure regulator, GReddy dadiator, GReddy thermostatic filter housing and oil Cooler
Driveline: Cusco 2-way LSD, five-speed R154, ORC single-plate clutch
Interior: Cube Speed gear knob (feels the best for me but have a few), Recaro Confetti drivers seat and Bride Low Rail, broadway mirror
Exterior: Rough and ready — two-piece front lip
Wheels/tyres: 18x9.5-inch (25P) Advanti Nebulas for daily use or factory wheels (but whatever has tread left), Also have some SSR’s and Advan Tri’s for track days with semis and anything else that is mis-matched and cool Japanese style I will hoard
Suspension/brakes: Fortune Auto coilovers, front and rear Cusco sway bars, factory brakes with upgraded pads, Cusco front camber arms, Altezza castor arms and rack Spacers, JZX110 Lower Arms


Sam — Parts Interpreter

Name: Sam

Position at NSTParts/GR Garage: Parts Interpreter

Favourite thing about working at NSTParts/GR Garage: The great bunch of people I get to work with

How did you get into performance cars? Watching The Fast and The Furious as a kid.

Favourite race track and why? Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. It's an easy track to learn but hard to master, with its wide variation of challenging corners and elevation. Visually stunning with a long history.

What parts have you bought from NSTParts? Every non-factory part on the car was sourced through NST. Wheels, tyres, suspension, engine parts, even body panels and grooming products.

Year/make/model: 2014 Subaru Levorg (VMG)
Engine: FA20, 2000cc four-cylinder, Tomei turbo suction pipe, Tomei charge pipe, Turbosmart dual port BOV, Cusco radiator cap, Cusco battery tie down, Tomei Titanium UEL manifold, Invidia downpipe, Tomei Expreme TI Exhaust, IAG TGV Delete, Process West Cold air intake
Driveline: Factory
Interior: Pioneer headunit
Exterior: Corazon rear wing extension, WRX STI front bumper and fender swap, Shining speed fender garnishes, Kill All Wipers rear wiper delete.
Wheels/tyres: 18x9.5 +38 Enkei RPF1, 235/40R18 NITTO INVO
Suspension/brakes: Cusco Street ZeroA, Cusco front and rear sway bars, DBA Street Series rear pads
Power: 179 KW at the wheels
Fuel type: 98 octane
Tuner: Possum Bourne Motorsport